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STRING serve as a platform which provides you the stairway to the practical world, we also provide you with the opportunity to get your stuff together on your own and make your projects by yourself under our technical guidance.


Why Choose Us?

We Are a Group Of Creative Enthusiasts From Various Fields Interested in Solving Problems Through BRAIN STORMING!

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of kick starters with a motive to spread this technological diversity in this fast pacing environment.

Why We Do It?

In this competitive world recruitment in industries can’t be achieved with just theoretical wisdom. Henceforth, STRING provides you with a stairway to the practical world.

What WE Do?

STRING provides you with services like unique innovative projects and learning guide bonds for the these projects (For EXTC, COMPS, IT and Life Science sectors).


We Are Currently Working On Something Cool. We Also Undertake Following Workshop and Crash Courses.

Website Designing/Building

Get your website designed and built as per your suggestion or we can surprise you with our specilized designs.

Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical Hacking Beginner to Advance (Crash Course Available.)


Learn any coding language from Biggner to Advance(Crash course Available).

feature iphone
feature iphone
feature iphone

Android/IOS App Development

Learn to develop the mobile applications. Or we can develop it for you as per your reqirement.

Project Making

We undertake project development and also take workshops as per your interest.


Learn biotech instrument development and making.

Checkout the projects on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security and More. Additional New Exiting Projects Coming Soon For Grab. Leave us Ideas or Get In Contact With Us For the Project You Wanna Make or Learn Making.

Brew Code

“Brew Code” is an Tech-Blogging segment of S.T.R.In.G Labs

Brew Code is a tutorial and good read site where you will be coming across the content you see world is moving on to. We are on path to not just show you what the world is moving on to but also make you walk on the path, by having live hands-on exposure to the fascinating systems and projects that always makes you wonder “How did they do this?”. In short giving you the vision to your question “How did they do this?”.

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WebSite Developed/Designed

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App Developed/Designed

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On-Going Projects

15 +


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